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Ultimate Female MMA Fighter Presents News & Info on WMMA & Women's MMA

The longevity of Invicta FC’s all-female MMA organization

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InvictaCardMixed martial arts organizations pop up every day, but Invicta FC is different than your typical grass roots organization: their's is a unique "all-pro" female concept.

Saturday night they kicked off the journey with their first event. Top-to-bottom those in attendance at Municipal Hall in Kansas City got an action-packed evening in various shapes, forms and fashions, capped off with a fight that included former Strikeforce bantamweight queen Marloes Coenen, returning to her winning ways by defeating Romy Ruyssen for the second time.

In 2012, women’s MMA is in a delicate state. At this time, the best place for females in the industry to earn a living in Strikeforce. The only problem with this is their future looks bleak -- ever since Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, purchased Strikeforce over a year ago, there has been a cloud of doubt over their new sister-organization.

Over the past year and change since Strikeforce was gobbled up by the UFC, they have gone on to acquire most of Strikeforce's top names, and when this year comes to a close it’s doubtful whether Showtime will look to re-up their deal.

For Gilbert Melendez, Luke Rockhold and the remainder of the cream of the crop male talent in the organization it will be good for them, but it will also leave a crop of talented females on the unemployment line, should Zuffa choose to not include female fighters in their stable.

Invicta FC’s Founder & CEO, Shannon Knapp, is dedicated to finding a home for these fighters, and any other females who are game enough to put on a pair of gloves, put in a mouth guard and step into the Kansas-based organization's cage.

But don’t be fooled, she’s not new to this industry: Knapp has been in the face-punching management game for twelve years and during that time, she worked with Strikeforce and the UFC before opting to go out on her own.

Knapp is hardly the first to promote all-female events though. MMA bouts for women can be traced back to the Ladies Legends Pro Wrestling "Shoot fighting" Ultimate L-1 challenge tournament in 1995, and since then other notable organizations, like Smackgirl, Pro-Elite, Bellator and the aforementioned Strikeforce, amongst others, have promoted Women's MMA (WMMA.)



Female MMA Ref, Kim Winslow, on Fist-ta-Cuff Radio Tonight!

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Be sure to tune in to Fist-ta-Cuff Radio with Denny Hodge, tonight at 10:30pm EST, and listen to an Interview with female MMA referee, Kim Winslow!

Other's on the call include: Myron Dennis, & Wilson Reis!

Listen to internet radio with FISTtaCUFF RADIO on Blog Talk Radio

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InvictaFC Fight Card Results

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Invicta Fight Card Results

Cassie Rodish vs. Meghan Wright:
Rodish wins via guillotine choke in 36 seconds of Round 1. Rodish rushed in and immediately pushed the fight, and Wright, and never let up. After getting Wright against the cage, she managed to sink in a guillotine choke for the win.


Ashley Cummings vs. Sofia Bagherdi:

Round 1 - Bagherdi pushed the action in the beginning of the Round, but Cummings managed to get her down at the end and get in some ground and pound. Still - I think Round 1 went to Bagherdi.

Round 2 - Cummings owned this round, keeping Bagherdi on the ground for most of it. Towards the end Bagherdi almost got Cummings in a triangle, but Cummings got out easily and got in some more ground and pound. I give this Round to Cummings.

Round 3 - The fighters went back and forth in this round, but it's obvious both fighters are getting tired. Cummings gets Bagherdi to the cage and keeps her there, then gets her down. The fighters tussle for a bit (!) and then exchange blows and kicks in the center of the ring. Nice spinning back fist and some punches and the fight's over. I give this round to Cummings.

How great are these fighters and their respect for each other?

Randi Miller vs. Mollie Estes:





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