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Ultimate Female MMA Fighter Presents News & Info on WMMA & Women's MMA

Female Heavyweight Fight for MMA Fighter Harley SoCal

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SteelFist Fight Night "6"If you’ve been involved in the female MMA fight community for any length of time, you’ll know the name “Harley SoCal” – a female fighter who’s been looking for a heavyweight fight for a loooong time now!

The good news? She’s finally found a great promotion and a willing and capable opponent. Naturally I just had to ask her some questions about her upcoming fight.

Katrina: You've been trying to get a fight for a long did this fight finally get put together?

Harley: It's been since June 2009 since my last fight. And actually Nichole Long Castillo is the person who passed on the name of the fighter I will be facing, Rachel Kemker. So after Nichole gave me her name I contacted her on Facebook and we went from there. Both of us are really excited about this!

Katrina: So Harley - tell me, why is getting this fight so important to you?

Harley: It's important to me because I love the sport, it's not easy to put into words how much it means. I'm just glad that we were able to make this happen.

Katrina: What is your style of fighting? Where have you been training, and what martial art(s) have you been practicing?

Harley: My style I guess you could say is freestyle, I really don't have style persay. I like all the different styles and learning about them. I been doing a little of everything really from boxing to wrestling.

Katrina: What about your opponent, Rachel Kemker, what do you know about her, and how have you been preparing for your fight against her?

Harley: Well we are both 0-1 and it's going to be a pretty even match up, except that she is 5'9 and I'm 5'5. Just been preparing the same I would for any fight and just training in different aspects of MMA. Working with a new boxing coach, different trainers and just picking up new things.

Katrina: Fast forward to a day after the fight...and you've lost. What's next?

Harley: I would have to say get back in the gym and work on what needs to make me a better fighter. Review video see what I could of done different and improve there.

Katrina: Now forward to a day after the fight...and you've won. What's next?

Harley: I would probably take a couple days off and then back to the gym. Review video and see what I can improve on, which there is always something.



Female Fights tonight on GFL!

NAAFSIf you're looking to watch some female fights, and there aren't any in your area, you can watch a couple tonight on

~ Saturday, February 18, 2012 6:30pm ETNAAFS Caged Vengeance 10 will be held at Grays Armory in Cleveland, Ohio. The main event will feature former NAAFS welterweight champion Nick Duell who looks for his second straight win against StrikeForce veteran and Team Gracie product, Alex Trevino. Duell is looking for his second straight win after taking home a split decision victory in his last bout back on November 23rd. Trevino, who won his first three fights in StrikeForce, will make his NAAFS debut as he too looks for his second consecutive win.

The for the female side of the event, fan favorite and Ohio native Jessica Eye (5-1-0) will battle Jackson MMA's Kelly Warren (3-1-0) in a 125 lbs. divisional showcase. Eye was impressive in her last NAAFS appearance when she took out Jennifer Scott by unanimous decision. On the other hand, Warren is looking to rebound off her first career loss: a hard fought loss to current champion Aisling Daly.

Long time NAAFS veteran Paul Compton returns to the NAAFS for what could be one of the cards most exciting match ups when he collides with Anotnio Castillo Jr. Both fighters are coming off impressive wins in their last outings. A win in this fight, may earn the victor a crack at the 145 lbs NAAFS title later this year.

Former NAAFS national amateur champion Isaiah Chapman will make his long awaited professional debut against newcomer Richard McDole while two time national champion George Comer takes on Ryan Shank to round out the pro portion of the card.

The amateur undercard will be highlighted by nationally ranked Cody Garbrandt who may be making his last trip to the cage as an amateur against undefeated up and comer Jarell Hodge. Go here to watch these fights LIVE on

Absolute Action MMA
~ Saturday, February 18, 2012 7:30pm ET
You can catch Absolute Action MMA 23 “A Night of Champions" at Drawbridge Inn in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.

This card comes complete with Pro/Am fights, 8 Title fights, including 2 female titles that are up for grabs, with Evva Johnson (5-1-0) vs. Heather Bassett (2-1-0) on the Co-Main Card; the Pro-Debut of Former AAMMA 155 champion James Morton; and the Pro-Debut of former AAMMA 135 Champion Eric Moell.

Finally, you'll see the return of former 135 and 145 Champion, Doug Ballinger, in a Pro matchup. Go here to watch this fight on



Danielle West defeats Jorina Baars at Girl Fights Only 7

Share this post reports that after only just defeating Jorina Baars via TKO in Round 3 at "Girl Fights Only 7" in Holland on February 12th, Danielle West (4-2-1) is already scheduled to fight for Pro FC 40 in Russia on April 1, 2012. There were forty female bouts on that card! Want me to repeat that?

"West will now face Russian Milana Dudieva (7-1-0) in a 62kg bout on the main card of the Pro FC event which takes place in Volgograd. Dudieva comes with a strong wrestling background and all her victories have been achieved in the first round, with the exception of her decision win over Sheila Gaff at Pro FC 22 in December 2010."

Any time another female fighter gets a fight - it's news. Not to mention any time there's a fight card with 40 female bouts...


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