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Fallout from Fallon Fox - Her Official Statement

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FallonFoxWMMAAs most people in the WMMA industry have now heard, Fallon Fox has stirred up quite a controversary due to her status as the first transgender MMA fighter.  

Here is her official statement, and the official statement of Barbara Zavaleta Avakian of VII A.D., one of Fallon's sponsors: "In response to the recent media exposure of being transgender in MMA. we at VII A.D. will continue to support Fallon as a sponsor and admire her courage and strength during this difficult time."

Official statement from Fallon Fox (official) in response to the recent media exposure of being transgender in MMA:
"I'd like the world to know that I deserve the right to compete in women's MMA. I have trained hard for this, sacrificed relationships, invested money to attempt to accomplish my goal of being the best female MMA fighter I can be. I am a woman. A woman who happens to fall into the category of post operative transsexual.

Just like there are black women, lesbian women, disabled women, and other types of women... there are trans women. We are just another type in the category of women. There is a misconception out there that post operative transsexual women have an automatic advantage over women born with complete female anatomy. This is simply not true.

The general public needs to be aware of this and we are hoping to shed light on this misconception. I can not wait to fight again. And I would like to take my skills and take them to the highest levels and promotions that I can."

No matter what the circumstances, it's nice to have the support of the WMMA community and one's sponsors.  While I do feel disclosure should have been made in advance, I totally understand Fallon's trepidation, in light of the potential for judgement from the world's MMA community.  Best wishes to Fallon Fox.