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Jessica Halverson vs Jozette Cotton at Dynasty Combat Sports 6: The Future

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Jessica HalversonThis Saturday, at Dynasty Combat Sports 6: The Future, in Omaha, Nebraska, Jessica "Raising Havoc" Halverson (4-1-0) is set to face Jozette "#1 Head Busta'"Cotton (3-0-0), in a cage war that’s been a long time coming.

While fans of Female MMA might not recognize the name, Halverson is not new to fighting. She actually started fighting in April of 2008 and as an Ammy, won 4 of her 5 fights, losing only to April Penrod via a Split Decision. As a Pro fighter, Halverson has won 4 of her 5 fights…and tonight she’s determined to increase her record with one more win.

In total, 6 of her 8 wins have come via TKO or KO, but power punches are not all “Raising Havoc” keeps in her arsenal. “I train for everything. Jozette is great at stand up, so we might end up banging, but I train on the ground as well, so if necessary, we can take it to the ground and fight there. I’ll do whatever it takes!”

I asked if Halverson feels her experience gives her an advantage over Cotton, who’s only been fighting since 2012: “I don’t take anything for granted, you know? I have the experience, but she’s got a 5-0 record, and most of her wins have been via TKO or KO, so she definitely has skills. I’ve been fighting a lot longer, so I’m going to do my thing and fight my fight, and like I said, the fight could end up a total standup or going to the ground – we’ll see on Saturday night!”

And Halverson had this to say, regarding the difference in their heights (she's 5'6", Cotton is 5'10"): "No - the height difference doesn't bother me at all! I fought Kate Bloomfield in the past and she's like 5'9", and her height didn't get in my way; and I beat her. I'll just use my strengths against Jozette like I did against Kate." 

I asked Halverson how she felt about not just her fight, but all the female fights on the DCS-6 card the same night: “Yeah – it used to be we had to ask promoters to fight females, but now there are 2 other female fights on this same card; it’s great, and we’ve come a long way since 2008!”

I asked what Halverson thought about fighting a female fighter who was a fellow member of the WMMA 155+ "Let's Build these Divisions!" Facebook group: "I think it's great! Ever since Invicta announced they were interested in the 155 fighters, we're starting to get noticed. And it's an honor to fight Jozette; once the fight is over, I'll shake her hand, win or lose, and I'm sure we'll be friends."

DyastyCombatSportsOther female fights at this event include Casi Lee Vs. Sydney Sallach and Mercedes Timmerman Vs. Janie Konyek, and this time, there are two female fighters listed on the event’s poster…Jessica "Raising Havoc" Halverson and Jozette Cotton!

If you can make it, Dynasty Combat Sports 6 will be held at the Ramada Coco Keys in Omaha Nebraska. Tickets are $20 and will be for sale at the door.

If you’re unable to make the show in person, Halverson told me that DCS will most likely stream the fights online, and they will post a link on their Facebook page through UStream Live: HERE. We offer our best wishes to all the fighters!